Zermatt – Perfect on summer and winter holidays

Nestled at the end of the Vispa valley, the Alpine community of Zermatt is surrounded by a whole 38 of Switzerland’s four-thousand metre mountain tops, creating an idyllic panorama backdrop, complete with scenic crystal-clear lakes and glaciers. Accordingly, Zermatt is a hiking wonderland, and a sheer Mecca for winter sport zealots.

Owing to its sheltered position, it has the longest ski season in the Swiss Alps and will even give you a “snow guarantee.“ Whether in winter or summer, whether you walk, ski or hike the Alpine scenery, your way is your reward, as a Swiss saying goes, and all along it there are cosy mountain huts waiting to welcome you in to rest your tired legs and maybe to recharge with a solid all-Swiss cheese fondue.

Surely the most prominent feature of Zermatt is its lying right at the foot of Switzerland’s national symbol, the allegedly most photographed peak in the world, and – as the locals lovingly call it – the most beautiful mountain in the world: theMatterhorn. As for the challenge of climbing the 4,478 metres above sea level, it could well be called Europe’s Kilimanjaro, with more than 3,000 adventures trying every year, and many of them giving up along the way. Yet, also for those who lack the stamina, or merely don’t have a head for heights, Zermatt has a lot to offer, as well, starting with its renowned golf course, to name only one.

After all, the village itself is first and foremost a health resort. With its dry, sunny climate and high altitude, there are perfect conditions for recreational repose, and the people of Zermatt are dedicated to keeping it that way. Thus, all cars and motorised vehicles have to be left behind, for within Zermatt, only solar-electrical, or horse-driven transportation is allowed. With regard to accommodation, all needs and preferences are accounted for, as offers range from camping, over the traditional Swiss chalets, to hotels and spas. If you feel in for a cool adventure, you might even lodge in an igloo village, rebuilt anew every winter. Any way, a visit to Zermatt will ensure you experience the Swiss Alps at their best.

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