Matterhorn – King of the Swiss mountains

In the Monte Rosa foundation massif of the Valais Alp the Dufour peak, with incredible 4,633 metres the highest mountain of Switzerland, looms into the sky. The French Mont Blanc is even a little bit higher – impressive 4,809 metres high and thereby the highest mountain of the Alps. However, the most famous mountain of Switzerland is and remains the Matterhorn! The Matterhorn is really known by every child. Further names are Mont Cervin or Monte Cervino. 4,478 metres, no less, looms the rock and peaks in the typical, world-known shape of the Matterhorn.

Matterhorn Mountain – a Swiss Trade Mark

The Matterhorn calls mountain climbers into the Valais Alps – and for centuries mountaineering fanatics have been following this call and trying their luck at the majestic mountains. On July 14th, 1865 it was managed: The first group of human beings conquered the Matterhorn. Unfortunately, the first ascent ended tragically: On their way back four of the seven Alpinists fell and were killed in accident. The ascent of the mountain is only recommendable for experienced mountain climbers under the guidance of a professional mountain guide.

Who is not a passionate mountain climber but wants to see the Matterhorn and take a photo of it, drives to the Small Matterhorn (3,883 m). From the outlook platform the breathtaking Alp panorama presents itself. Interested visitors can learn more about the development and first ascent of the Matterhorn as well as the development of the village Zermatt at the Matterhorn museum in Zermatt.

Toblerone – The Matterhorn of chocolate

Mr. Tobler loves the beautiful Alp panorama with the Matterhorn. He can’t get it out of his mind. This is why his product of finest chocolate receives a triangular shape – the Toblerone is born.

Another history: The Toblerone has nothing to do with the Matterhorn, but with a dancing formation. As a businessman, Mr. Tobler is often away. After a busy day he is in habit of visiting varieties, e.g. in Paris. When during a pyramidal appearance dancers pile up on top of each other, Tobler has the unusual idea ot the triangle chocolate.

Whichever version is correct, both are pretty anecdotes. The delicious taste of the Swiss chocolate convinces in any case! Tobler calls his new chocolate creation Toblerone, composed of “Tobler” and “torrone”, the Italian word for Nougat.

Since 1908, the Swiss treat of chocolate, almond-nougat and honey of Bern has been existing. The Matterhorn and the Bernese Bear decorate the package of the Toblerone. The chocolate has become to the Swiss symbol.

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