Engelberg – Village of the Benedictines and mountains

Engelberg is located as an exclave of the Swiss canton Obwalden, in more than 1,000 metres height. The Benedictine monastery Engelberg dominates the picture. Once the monastery was built (in approx. 1120) the village started to develop. The abbey was destroyed by fire several times which required parts of the building to be renovated, rebuilt or extended. The organ in the collegiate church is a special gem, it is one of the largest church organs of the world. The exhibits in the Valley Museum Engelberg report of the vivid history of the village and the monastery over the time.

Near the world of glaciers such as Grindelwald (1,034 m) in the canton Bern and a popular ski resort like Andermatt in the canton Uri – Engelberg combines winter dreams. You will loose your footing and soar into another world: the beautiful world of the Swiss mountains. You can get the highest point with panorama view on the Titlis (3,020m). If you want to have the perfect view already during driving upwards into the icy world of glaciers, you should get on a funicular rotating around its own axis. Arrived on the top, you will find yourself in the centre of the gigantic skiing area Engelberg-Titlis. Exciting glacier and snow hikes and rapid skiing make your winter holidays more attractive. During the warmer months, attractive hiking routes invite for a voyage of discovery across the region.

The aerial passenger line Titlis Rotair will bring you to the Fürenalp (1840 m). Not as high as the Titlis glacier, but at least as breathtaking as far as the view is concerned. By means of the Brunni rail Engelberg you can get upwards into the Brunni region. During summer, it’s the turn of the naked soles of your feet at the Härzlisee: You dig your toes into the sand on a path, stick ankle-deep in the loam or wade through the water.

The world cup of ski jumping in Engelberg

Ski jumping is a sport coming from the North which conquered the world of sports. In Norway, the first contests of ski jumping took place at the end of the 19th century. The FIS, the international skiing association, organizes skiing events for stars of different disciplines, among others the ski jumping world cup. As the only station of the ski jumping world cup in Switzerland, Engelberg offers something special: The ski jump, on which ski jumpers race downwards with about 90 km/h is the largest natural ski jump of the world. On the “Groß-Titlis-Schanze“, the Finnish ski jumper Janne Ahonen has flown the most far up to now: On the occasion of the ski jumping world cup of 2004 he sailed 141 metres in the air before having the icy, snow-covered ground back under his skiers.

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