Brienzer Rothorn Train – Full Steam Ahead to the Rothorn Kulm

Lots of visitors want to mount the Brienzer Rothorn as this mountain is known for providing one of the prettiest views of the Berner upper land.  The oldest steam cog wheeled train chugs towards the Swiss mountains not far from Interlaken.  It has been doing its service unshakeably since 1892 and overcomes a height difference of around 1680 metres with every journey.

Brienzer Rothorn Train – 25 percent gradient train travel

A German engineer called A. Lindner was trusted with the building work of the Brienzer Rothorn Railway.  The work began in 1889 and the opening of the tracks was celebrated in 1892.  From then on, the steam cog wheeled trains travelled up the Swiss mountain, when only up until the beginning of the war.  In the 1930s the service with the steam trains re-commenced and drew visitors back to the world of the Swiss Alps.

The passengers have one hour to enjoy the journey with the Brienzer Rothorn train, with approximately 25 percent gradient, into the Swiss mountains.  The total route that the steam train has to travel is around 7.6 kilometres.  The steam train, including all wagons,  passes through six tunnels.  Three of the engines of the Brienz Rothorn Railway originate from the early years and must still be fired with coal.  However, the journey up the Brienzer Rothorn with the nostalgic train is not only something for train lovers!

Linger on the Brienzer Rothorn

The borders of the cantons Bern, Luzern and Obwalden meet on the Brienzer Rothorn (2350 m) in the Bern Alps.  One can travel with the Brienzer Rothorn train up to the Rothorn Kulm between May and October.  Apart from with the steam cog wheeled train from Brienz, you can also reach the Brienzer Rothorn from Sörenberg by cable car.

Apart from the fantastic view of the surroundings and the Brienzer Lake, nature lovers can also observe many different kinds of animals: golden eagles glide as if they were weightless through the air, chamois and ibex are climbing around the rocks and marmots are whistling.  Different hiking routes lead in different lengths through the Swiss landscape and mountain world.

Refreshments for all sporty walkers and nature friends can be expected in Hotel Rothorn Kulm.  Between June and October you can be served with a variety of culinary delicatessen.  During a meal on the patio, you can allow your eyes to gaze  into the distance.  Whoever would like to enjoy the fresh mountain air for longer, plus a wonderful sunrise high up on the Rothorn Kulm, can of course reserve a room.

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