Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad Switzerland

A setting doesn’t get much more picturesque than this: situated in the Swiss Alps, the Grand Hotel Bellevue resides in the middle of a park of ancient trees, wearing a glistening snow cover in winter, and a lush green in summer.

Stepping through its doors, the guest will feel that here, the five stars rating is considered not merely an honour, but a responsibility. Living Swiss hospitality, the Bellevue Hotel Gstaad commits itself to providing its guests with an innovative wellness experience. While the spas offer a best-of list in massages, saunas, and baths, the idea is to provide wellness not only for the body.

Having spent the day being pampered from head to toe, the Swiss Grand Hotel Bellevue strives to also provide treats for the mind: the leisure to enjoy all those things a busy day to day schedule will usually not allow for. Finally read that novel, enjoy a favourite CD you forgot to pack, or indulge in a classic film in the hotel’s own movie theatre, on demand even in a private screening – it’s Wellness against the “button in your head.“ At Bellevue’s two exquisite restaurants the guest may enjoy delicatessen for body and spirit, with pieces of art on a plate.

You are invited to enjoy Swiss culture the culinary way, and the sommelier will be happy to welcome you for a tasting in Bellevue’s whine cellar. Those seeking some nightlife won’t even have to leave the premises, as the Porsche 911 club and bar does its namesake justice with a sporting and modern ambience. Venturing beyond the hotel’s park is highly recommendable as well, though.

Swiss Tennis – Swiss Open tennis tournament

For some, the little village of Gstaad will immediately ring a bell, with the name recognition being due to its hosting the renowned Swiss Open tennis tournament. Respectively, Gstaad and its surroundings are sportive around the year, with winter guests finding the Centre Court turned into an ice rink, for example. And, with a lot of shopping opportunities along its car-free Promenade, the one-street village also offers a nice stroll between original Swiss chalets.

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