Lake Maggiore Switzerland

Lago Maggiore – a popular holiday destination in Switzerland as well

Even if Switzerland in the canton of Tessin is only represented with about 20% of the Lago Maggiore, the lake at this place is a perfect holiday destination for both, natural lovers as well as those enjoying luxury.

At this place the southern parts of the Switzerland provide Italian flair combined with agreeable temperatures and a natural landscape from palms to chestnut trees – although the snow on the Alps is not that far away. This also explains a previous Swiss advertising campaign in favour of Tessin: “From the glaciers to the palms“. The Lago Maggiore and its shores offer varied possibilities for sports fans, such as surfing, biking or golfing.

Of course there is no lack of accommodations at the Lago Maggiore

Who prefers to be closer to nature surely finds his happiness if camping at the Lago Maggiore. Here you can find everything, from a rural stay in a tent to a luxury camping site including “private bath“ and satellite port. Believing experienced campers you should stick to sites near Tenero and Ticino, where you should find the prettiest and biggest camping sites. Even in the winter you can enjoy the camping paradise at the Lage Maggiore in Switzerland.

Holidays at a hotel at the Lago Maggiore – Hotels of all price and performance classes

Of course you can also spend a classical holiday at your hotel at the Lago Maggiore. There are numerous operators alongside the shores of the Lago Maggiore. In the months of July and August, however, holidaymakers should reserve a hotel at the Lago Maggiore – or more precisely a room at a hotel at the Lago Maggiore – at an early stage. This is the peak tourist season there and reasonable and good-value hotels as well as expensive ones are often fully booked.

The water of the lake has a comfortable temperature of 20 to 22 °C in July and August. The weather shows itself at its best: hardly rain, many hours of sun. Who does not like the heat that much should concentrate on the months of June or September: the weather at the Lago Maggiore then is mild and agreeable. In the months of April and May one is often surprised by rain showers. In the canton of Tessin it is rather mild in winter; degrees around the freezing point are seldom. However, you have to be prepared that many hotels as well as leisure facilities are closed at that time.

In Italy the Lago Maggiore occupies by far more surface area.

Among the upper Italian lakes it is the second-largest one after the Lake Garda; it goes without saying that it is a very popular holiday destination; not only in Locarno many international guests can find absolutely beautiful hotels.

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