Braunwald – Car-free area in the canton of Glaru

You can reach Braunwald only by the Braunwald cable railway. All traffic has been banished from the community area. Whether you like it or not you have to leave your car behind. During the summer months there is also a line of the Swiss post buses available to take tourists to Linthal via the Klausenpass. The Klausenpass leads via the Swiss Alps from Altdorf in the canton of Uri to Linthal in the canton of Glarus. The tourists’ luggage is mostly directly brought to the respective hotels in Braunwald. Please do not forget to provide your luggage with corresponding labels. The little cable railway travels from Linthal (674m) to Braunwald (1254m). You will receive Braunwald in less than five minutes. On the other hand, you can also have yourself taken to your hotel in Braunland in a romantic horse-drawn carriage.

Located in the middle of the white Glarnese mountains, the snowy Braunwald in the winter reminds of a fairytale paradise. Not only winter athletes enjoy a carefree stay at this place. Anyone looking for relaxation from a stressful daily grind will find a perfect oasis of silence in Braunwald in the Swiss alps.

Explore the village on your own and at your leisure. For this purpose you can follow one of the three marked tours through the village or just follow your nose. The marked foot paths guides you through Braunwald within 25 minutes up to one and a half our. Every Saturday from May to October there is market day at the cable railway station. Just take a second and linger from booth to booth. Maybe you will find a Glarnese speciality which you like!

For all night owls and athletics that cannot get enough from the piste a visit to the slope and coasting slides by night will be worthwhile. Out in the icy cold the night owls zoom down the enlightened pistes under the bright starry sky.
Dive into the surrounding of Braunwald

You will inevitably cross the village of Linthal during your journey to Braunwald. Not far away from Klauspass street the Berglistüber – a waterfall – pours down the mountain. The stone at this place has already been outlasted for 150 billion years. Nearby you will find a restaurant from where a foot path will lead you to the natural phenomenon. A further waterfall, the Diesbachfall, quite close to the village of Betschwanden, is exceptionally loud once the snowmelt begins. The water roars down in three steps. In Betschwanden, you can visit a 12th century church. The Romanic church building is one of the important monuments in the canton of Glarus.

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