Canton Jura – Versatility And A Jurassic Park

Jura is the youngest of the 26 Swiss cantons. It was founded in 1979 after cultural and confessional conflicts led to the splitting of the canton Bern. Situated in the northwest part close to the border to France, its population is mainly catholic and the official language spoken is French. There is only one place in which German dominates. It is called Ederswiler.

Naturally, Jura is as beautiful as Switzerland’s rest. But its regions Ajoie, Clos du Doubs, Delsberger Becken and Freiberge provide for a scenic and cultural versatility that amazes.

Grottes de Réclère

Ajoie, for example, consists of a wide, fertile tableland with the river Allaine and plenty of lime in its soil. It is considered the Orchard of Jura, where wine, grain and the famous Damassine Plum is grown. Lakes and caverns, especially the renowned Grottes de Réclère, appeal tourists with an aesthetical need. Their thirst for knowledge may be satisfied in its prehistoric park.

Grottes de Réclère

Clos du Doubs is characterized by a deep valley, carved into the massif by the river Doubs. It is a paradise for those who seek virgin nature with a flora and fauna that varies a lot. After having enough of loneliness and the cleanliness of the air, one can visit the medieval village Saint-Ursanne. Hard core sportsmen, however, may exhaust themselves on a canoeing or canyoning trip.

The plateau located about 1000 metres above sea level is called Freiberge. It is the land of horses, hikers and a horizon that just won’t end. Its most important centre of touristic life, Saignelégier, attracts both skiers and summer sport fans the same. Since 1985 it has had a great leisure centre with a pool, sport halls and an ice-skating rink. Golf can also be played near by.

Last of the regions is Delsberger Becken or “La Vallée“. It is the largest tertiary hollow that – at least in these mountains – can be found. Delsberg or rather Délémont, is both the jurassic capital and the most important regional town. In contrast to the rather agricultural character of the whole canton Jura, the center of trade and industries lies just there.

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