Icy grotto in high altitude – ice pavilion Saas Fee

The small but nice Swiss holiday village Saas Fee is not only one the most popular winter sport destinations, it also offers impressive attractions not necessarily requiring skiing skills.

The ice pavilion Saas Fee means one of the compulsory items on the agenda together with the Metro Alpin (the world’s highest underground) when spending your holidays in Saas Fee.

The ice pavilion is located inside the millennium-old Fee glacier and justifiably attracts thousands of visitors each year. The ice grotto, impressively named ice pavilion Saas Fee, can be reached via gallery of 70 metres starting from the mountain station “Metro-Alpin“. This gallery leads straight inside this ice grotto and, by the way, also represents the world’s highest underground.

There is not only an equally warm cold of – 1 ° degree waiting for the visitor, but also a dreamlike view. A visit is an experience for young and old and is anyway worth seeing, whether as cooling done in case of good weather or as surprising adventure in case of bad weather.

Who wants to visit the Fee glacier ice pavilion can reach the “Metro-Alpin“ by car from different directions on well-developed mountain streets. Before entering Saas-Fee you stop at a car-park straight at the start of the village of Saas-Fee. There you will get on the Alpin Express which will directly take you to the “Metro-Alpin“.

The Swiss holiday village Saas Fee is located 1.800 – 3.600m above sea level and approximately 26 km away from Visp; it is car-free and offers a home for about 1.600 inhabitants. Of course Saas Fee is also reachable for travellers by Swiss train or other kinds of public transport (e.g. Post bus). With the Swiss train you will travel from Bern to Brig or Visp where you change to the local means of transport, this means for example the Post car.

Who may fancy an iced-lolly after having looked at such masses of ice should not hesitate to take a second break to make a detour to the world’s highest revolving restaurant. You will have a fascinating view of the mountains and glaciers of the Saas valley.

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