Mount Titlis

Engelberg – Ski Fun at the Titlis in Obwalden

Year after year winter and snow lure winter athletes in the Central Switzerland, more precisely to Engelberg. The guests are keen on conquering the pistes of the Titlis in the white winter landscape. As most of the rock faces slope away steeply you can only get comfortably on the peak by means of mountain railways or ski lifts coming from the North. This almost guarantees a peak period for the hotels in Engelberg during the season. No wonder, as no other ski resort of the Central Switzerland can hold a candle to the winter sport resort Engelberg-Titlis. Snowboarders and skiers have their fling on more than 80 kilometres of pistes; even there is no lack of cross-country ski-tracks for cross-country skiers and runs for tobogganists. Freestylers performing spectacular jumps with their pieces of sports equipment find the right location on the terrain park on the Jochpass.

Engelberg – perfect choice for summer and winter holidays

In the summer, many tourists residing in Engelberg and surrounding make a trip to the Trübsee. When travelling to the Titlis you inevitably have to pass the mountain lake. Of course it is also possible to visit the Titlis glacier during the warm months; it represents a sparkling contrast to the blue mountain lakes and the green alpine meadows. From the viewing platforms you can enjoy the view of the Swiss mountains. The Titlis glacier park whisks you away into an eventful world of glaciers from May to October. You can go up with one of the Titlis railways, in order to cheerfully slide down again the hills and tracks with various means of equipment – for example rubber tyres.

Mount Titlis – Popular Peak of the Alps

The Titlis in the Urner Alps amounts to impressive 3238 metres and represents the borderline between the Cantons of Oberwalden, Nidwalden and Bern. The west and the south of the Titlis nearly consist of only perpetual ice. The Titlis glacier dominates the landscape until down to about 2750 meters. For many years the Titlis railways have taken skiers and Snowboarders up to about 3000 metres of height. The very first cable railway up to the Titlis was the Engelberg-Gerschnialp cable railway which was established in 1912. Meanwhile there are several aerial passenger lines, one of them rotating on its axis offering a cost-free all-around view during the ride.

You will get in contact with the Titlis glacier above and below the surface. On walking tours on the glacier you can experience the world of the Titlis above ground. On a few tours you can even abseil in crevasses! The depth leads into a grotto inside the glacier – up to 150 metres. This is an unforgettable adventure in the midst of the ice, accompanied by light and sound effects.

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