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You would like to spend your holidays in Switzerland, but stay at the same place only as you are a sports or wellness holidaymaker and not dependent on other means of locomotion?

Then the Swiss Transfer Ticket offers you the ideal possibility of travelling cheap to your destination by means of locomotion of the Swiss Travel System (long-distance / local traffic).

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Please note: The Swiss Transfer Ticket is not available at Swiss stations. Please order your Swiss Transfer Ticket via Internet. Our partner STC offers you this safe and fast possibility of acquiring the ticket via Internet.

With the Swiss Transfer Ticket you receive a ticket enabling you to travel e.g. during your short stay or winter holidays between the Swiss border or airport and your destination and back (valid for maximal one month).

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Important: Outward and return journey to be carried out respectively within one day and if possible on direct way. Here you can find which routes to travel with the Swiss Transfer Ticket General Map Swiss Transfer Ticket.

Free family card. Children aged 6-16 accompanied by at least one parent are free. Children not accompanied by their parents receive a 50% discount on the Swiss Transfer Ticket. The discount is offset with your order.

You can see the current prices for the Swiss Transfer Ticket (current and next year) before ordering the ticket below.

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So you have decided to go to Switzerland on vacation. You have already made reservations and arrangements to stay at one destination in a marvelous place in Switzerland. A great skiing or hiking adventure lies ahead! You will probably be enjoying the marvelous Swiss Alps, one of the enchanting Swiss lakes, such as for example Lake Maggiore, or the historical treasures found in Swiss cities. The Swiss Transfer Ticket by Swiss Travel System brings you from your destination airport or border train station to your destination in Switzerland and back.

This ticket, valid for one month, is available from Swiss Travel System points-of-sale or from the Swiss Travel System Ticket Shop. You buy it before going on your trip to Switzerland. Make sure to purchase Swiss Transfer Ticket beforehand to make your travel arrangements easier.

You may upgrade the ticket with a Half Fare Card Combi if you jaunt around during your stay in Switzerland. Children aged from 6 to 16 will travel free of charge if you also request the free Family Card. You cannot buy the Swiss Transfer Ticket in Switzerland. That is the reason why you already book it prior to your trip.

Swiss Travel System offers the Swiss Transfer Ticket.

Have you watched the award-winning 2014 drama movie “Clouds of Sils Maria”? Then you still remember how Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart, in the main roles, travel to Sils Maria in the Maloja district in the Alps by train.

At the beginning of the movie, they are headed to Zurich. Then the train ride goes through the Alps, whose view is interrupted by frequent and long stretches through tunnels, to the Engadin. Traveling through Switzerland by train indeed shows this country at its best: The Swiss train system is an example of cutting-edge engineering technology put at the service of travelers’ mobility.

It is also most Swiss citizens’ preferred means of transportation. It makes tourists’ transfers and trips easier. Book your Swiss Transfer Ticket while you are still at home. This ticket brings you from your destination airport or border train station to your vacation destination in Switzerland and back.

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